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Your safety is our priority!

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Why should you choose ICRS?

ICRS Offers a One-Stop-Shop for Transport Safety

At ICRS we concentrate on what we do best and take pride in our work!

Here are a few other reasons you should consider us as your provider for training, education and products relating to road and transport safety:

Holistic Approach

ICRS strongly believes in integrative and holistic approach. That means not just focusing on driving but also looking at the greater picture of safe systems approach taking under consideration, safe roads, safer users and safe vehicles.

Practical Experience

We believe that regardless of age, the best way to learn is through hands on experience. We therefore always combine training of theory with practice - may it be directly behind the wheel or through simulators to maintain safety and learn at the same time

Small Groups

To ensures that all participants receive attention, encouragement, instruction and any personalized help where necessary we ensure that the groups we work with are small enough for individual attention and large enough to enable interaction and discussion.

Exclusive Simulators

ICRS uses a range of state-of-the-art and exclusive simulators complemented by innovative advanced methodologies that provide participants with hands on learning experience.

Caring Instructors

ICRS only uses instructors who are passionate about reducing crashes and want to teach others by instilling lifesaving skills and attitudes through our courses

Course Progression

At ICRS we believe that driver training should not just be a one-off experience. We provide all levels of training so that people can continue to improve their driving skill and awareness.

All Ages

Road safety and better practices can be learned and skills acquired at all ages. We offer specialized programmes, products and training materials to age groups from schooling to the elderly.

Safety Kits

Upon completion of their defensive driving course all attendees receive a safety kit, which includes some vital safety products that have been discussed and recommended during the course.

Promotion of Change

We believe that we should all work together in promoting change. May it be through training, participation in awareness raising events and dialogue/ forums looking at ways of promoting road safety

Culture Sensitive

In all our training, programmes, and promotional items we take into consideration local context and culture to ensure that the training is relevant to all target groups