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Motorized two-wheeler (motorbike) driving training

Motorized two wheelers (motorbikes, scooters) drive is an easy quick mode of transportation that offers drivers the opportunity of rapid movement while keeping the costs lower than using a car. However, motorbikes do come with a risk for many drivers who do not ride with caution.

ICRS’s motorized two-wheeler training aim is to raise awareness, improve the riding skills and expertise of riders enabling them to better handle their motorbike and drive in a more responsible and safe manner. The training are based/adhere on international professional riding techniques

Course Outcomes and Benefits

  • Participants will have an understanding about the potential road hazards for motorcyclists
  • Participants will have basic understanding of correct vehicle control
  • Participants will gain knowledge on safety features and their correct usage when riding a two wheeler
  • Participants will undergo an assessment test to identify specific capacities and challenges and be provided with specific recommendations to improve their riding skills.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is designed for organizations and individuals who ride two wheelers in urban and rural areas

Course Duration: 2 days

Course outlines includes:

  • Challenges drivers face in the current road and driving environment
  • Epidemiology & Anatomy of Injury for motorized two-wheelers riders
  • Initial mechanical and equipment checks
  • Correct motorbike positioning, safe cornering and breaks
  • Speed, gear and acceleration
  • Reading the road and anticipating hazards
  • Correct usage of safety equipment – helmet wearing, riding with other passengers
  • Rider assessment test

Language: English with translation into local language

Additional information:

Course participants will receive from ICRS:

  • ICRS course participation certificate
  • Training materials
  • Rider safety kit