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Defensive Driving for Trucks & Heavy Vehicles 

Truck drivers load and transport goods and hazardous materials from one location to another for both local and regional long trips.

Understanding vehicle dynamics and proper usage of the heavy vehicles is one of the critical issues in the maintaining safety while driving all vehicles, including heavy trucks. This training provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of heavy truck dynamics. It covers all of the critical subsystems that must be considered by designers and decision makers in determining the effect of various components on heavy truck dynamics.

This training begins where the tires meet the ground, progressing up through the various components and bringing together the theory and practice of heavy truck dynamics and safety measures. A series of case studies related to truck ride engineering will provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their knowledge gained and introduces them to some of the newer technologies related to evaluating and improving heavy truck safe ride.

Course Outcomes and Benefits:

Upon completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:

  • Acquire an overall understanding of heavy truck dynamics, both its theory and practice
  • Vehicle performance and safety systems (tires, brakes, mirrors, etc.)
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle maintenance, driving position, steering technique etc).
  • Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of heavy truck ride engineering and the factors that affect it
  • Define the dynamics of various truck sub-systems and components that include tires, steering system, and truck suspensions.
  • Identify how sub-systems or components interact with other sub-systems to affect truck dynamics Understanding human factors contributing to accidents, infrastructure and the vehicle.
  • Describe some of the contemporary issues in heavy truck dynamics

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for professional drivers using heavy truck types of vehicles.

Cource Duration: 3 days

Language: English with translation into local language

Additional information:

Course participants will receive from ICRS:

  • ICRS course participation certificate
  • Training materials
  • Driver safety kit