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Your safety is our priority!

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Teacher TOT & Curriculum Development for

Primary to High School

About the Workshop

Road safety research has shown educators play a significant role in raising awareness and contributing towards positive cultural behavior, risks and best practices among children and young adults on road safety.

ICRS therefore works with school teachers and staff providing them with tools, methodologies and curriculum that they could integrate in the classrooms, focusing on different age groups and cognitive and physical development of pupils through which a road safety culture and agenda could be advanced.

Workshop aims and outcomes

The Kindergarten and School Teachers and Staff Road Safety Workshop aims at providing targeted group with the skills to include a continuous and sustainable road safety agenda within the curriculum and school premises.

Training outcomes:

  • Provide teachers and school's staff with an understanding towards positive culture to road safety.

  • Provide teachers and school's staff with tools on how to include this in their curriculum.

  •  Establish a "road safety friendly spaces" within the school for educational purposes

  •  Develop road safety squads to safe guard road users arriving/ leaving the school premises.

Training includes

  • Development of an understanding of how to approach road safety with young and adult school students, covering topics such as: understanding road signs and signals, learning about correct and safe behavior as road users, safety restraints, road crossing, safe and correct riding/ driving, safe walk to school, peer pressure and driving, drink & drive, etc.

  • Suggested curriculum, tools and methodologies for its implementation, including the usage of the “road safety friendly space” room if (to be) available by the school

  • Development of teacher-parent-students cooperation and activities around school safety

  • Development of school campaigns led by teachers.