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Your safety is our priority!

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Defensive Driving Course

Defensive Driving Course
Driving is possibly the most dangerous thing you do every day. The ICRS Defensive Driving Course was especially designed to give drivers the tools enabling them to become safer and more responsible drivers, supported by a strong safe driving culture, essential for all drivers.
The training aims at helping you understand your car and improve your skills so that you can keep yourself, your family, your work colleagues and other road users safe. A defensive driving course provides knowledge and hands-on-skills to help keep you safe on the road. Many large organizations and companies are using this course as part of their occupational health and safety policy.

Course Outcomes and Benefits

Upon completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of road safety and the ‘Decade of Action 2011-2020’
  • An awareness of how risk taking and motivation can affect your safety on the road
  • How to identify potential hazards and avoid them
  • Improved vision and hazard identification while driving
  • To obtain better understanding of the risks associated with alcohol, drugs and fatigue
  • Understand the importance of correct tire pressures and condition of tires
  • The importance of safety restraints; seat belts, helmets and other safety devices
  • How to minimize distractions and stay focus while driving.
  • Speeding and its effects with special emphasis on reaction time and stopping distances
  • A responsible and accountable attitude to self, other road users and community
  • Understanding of the core factors associated with traffic accidents
  • How to apply defensive driving techniques
Who is the course suitable for?
The course is suitable for all drivers using all types of vehicles, including: corporations and companies / government / diplomatic corps / mining & gas companies / professional drivers/ public groups / individuals.

Course Duration: 2 days

Course outline:

  • Fundamentals of road safety and injury prevention
  • Hazard identification and vehicle management
  • Understanding human factors contributing to accidents, infrastructure and the vehicle
  • Defensive driving techniques (vehicle maintenance, driving position, steering technique etc.)
  • Managing and reducing risks associated with driving (alcohol awareness, speeding, fatigue etc.)
  • Vehicle performance and safety systems (tires, brakes, mirrors, etc.)
  • Traffic psychology concepts

The training incorporates both theory and practice. There is plenty of time for group discussion and interaction and the content is presented using innovative state-of-the-art computer based simulators while using advanced educational methodologies. All of this is delivered with variety of videos, presentations and case studies scenarios.

Language: English with translation into local language

Additional information:

Course participants will receive from ICRS:

  • ICRS course participation certificate
  • Training materials
  • Driver safety kit