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Your safety is our priority!

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Designated Safe Spaces for Children to Learn and Experience

Road Safety

Educational Child Friendly Space on Road Safety is a permanent installation within the school that would serve as an important educational space for promoting road safety among pupils on a regular basis. The space enables pupils to expose and experience issues relating to road safety and different scenarios in a safe and protected environment, minimizing risks pupils may take on the road.

The Educational Child Friendly Space is developed based on the target age groups of the pupils the school wishes to cater for. It's aim is to enable the school to have an educational asset in the school which it can use on a regular basis for current and future pupils.

What ICRS Offers:

–Review of the space and school environment

–Develop and design the set-up of the room to maximize the available space for a successful learning experience

–Develop the graphics and manufacture all the equipment to be included in the road safety friendly space

–Incorporate computer base and other innovative simulators

–Installation of equipment