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Your safety is our priority!

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The Challenge

Unilever has been assessing the driving knowledge and capacities of its drivers and drivers within their supply chain. The conclusion of the assessment indicated that there was a need to strengthen the drivers’ road safety knowledge in order to comply with the company’s HSE policy.


Unilever undertook a due diligence process in reviewing several training providers. Finally, it identified ICRS as the company best able to meet its global HSE standards and the only one offering specific road safety content.

Target Audience

Over 120 of Unilever’s office staff, in-house and supply chain drivers participated in the ICRS led Defensive Driving and Two Wheelers’ training.

Training Scope and Content

The overall goal of the training was to improve participants safety and performance behind the wheel. Training included:

  • Theory on epidemiology of injuries and risks faced by drivers as a result of road accidents
  • The large role of the human factor and its impact on driving performance and safety.
  • Simulators were used to enable participants to experience first-hand through a safe environment, how various behaviours impact driving.
  • Practical sessions delivered to drivers to improve their vehicle handling, control and maintenance


Participants were exposed to the basic concepts and behaviours that must be adopted by drivers in order to ensure safer driving. All participants are now compliant with Unilever’s HSE drivers policy.



We would like to recognize the Interdisciplinary Center for Road Safety (ICRS) for an Excellent Job done and privilege of having an outstanding Road Safety educational program. This program has been the first time we have received training in Road Safety. The knowledge of the trainer, the high quality of the training content, the training materials and level of professionalism are met beyond our expectations. 

Thank you so much again for delivering a successful program which we could not have done it without you. We would never hesitate to recommend the Interdisciplinary Center for Road Safety (ICRS) to other organizations who are also in need of quality services.

Recto Sampang - Customer Development Director , Unilever

Nang Shwe Yee Thein - Sr. Customer Development Excellent Manager, Unilever 


The Challenge

Cesvi (international NGO) received funding from the EU to implement a project titled: Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. The project aimed to strengthen the capacities of Local Authorities of Yangon City and promote citizen participation in urban mobility planning process as a key towards a sustainable urban environment (S.O.). One of the project’s activities was to raise awareness for road safety among selected schools and communities in Yangon.


Cesvi approached ICRS due to:

  • Proven expertise at delivering training in schools.
  • Proven experience at developing and adapting curriculum for educational institutions while respecting local culture and contexts.
  • ICRS has worked to build a strong relationship with local authorities and was able to leverage this to receive the necessary access to the target audience, considering the challenge imposed on foreign organizations and companies to access the Myanmar education system.

Target Audience

Training was provided to 20 schools with over 100 teachers and 3500 pupils, as well as, we reached the wider community through seven community events.

Training Scope and Content

Awareness raising for Pupils

Road Safety Curriculums were developed for primary, middle and high schools.

Curriculums developed focused on complimenting theory with practice, in order to get pupils interest and engagement with the topics taught in a manner that would appeal to them. Emphasis was placed on content and teaching methodologies that considered pupils’ age, cognitive development and physical capacities.

Training covered topics such as: pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, correct road crossing, simple analysis of accidents and road incidents that could lead to injury as means of raising awareness and prevention.

TOT for teachers

This included two elements:

1. Sensitizing teachers to road safety issues - For many teachers this was their first exposure to the topic. Teachers were introduced to:

a. How road safety impacts their communities and the country at large

b. What constitutes road safety

c. Measures for safeguarding drivers, pedestrians and other road users.

2. Teachers were presented with the curriculum and teaching manual developed, and instructed regarding effective strategies for conveying the content and messages to their pupils.

Community events

Aiming at increasing communities’ awareness to road safety, a series of seven awareness raising events took place in various public spaces. The events helped expose individuals and families to key message about road safety, while enabling them to learn through the usage of simulators, video clips, games, quizzes and information leaflets about the dangers and good practices to stay safe on the road.


  1. Curriculums were developed to serve three audiences: primary school, middle school and high school pupils
  2. TOT training was delivered to over 100 teachers
  3. Approx. 3500 pupils participated in the first time road safety training in 20 schools
  4. 7 community events were attended by over 3500 people


I would like to thank the Interdisciplinary Center for Road Safety (ICRS) for the development and delivery of an outstanding road safety prgramme. The programme has been able to reach over 3,000 students and over 100 teachers through a TOT Programme in Yangon (Myanmar). For many this has been the first time they have received training in road safety. ICRS's School Education Programme has become a benchmark for road safety in Yangon, based on which future generation of students will be taught.

I extend my appreciation to the Interdisciplinary Center for Road Safety for their level of professionalism, high quality of content delivery, the ability to develop and use pedagogical and methodology approaches specifically appropriate and tailored to our target groups and project, and finally note the ease of communications and rapid response when communicating with ICRS.

Pietro Fiore - Head of Mission, Cesvi


The Challenge

APL Vietnam identified the issue of road safety as a major concern for both its employees and communities, particularly in HCMC and Hanoi, and decided to make Road Safety it its annual CSR Project. It was important for APL that a CSR Project will achieve several goals: (1) Raise Awareness of its employees, (2) Raise awareness among the community, (3) Get its employees involved in giving back to the community.


APL Vietnam approached ICRS for its expertise in road safety, ability to deliver and meet the needs at both corporate level as well as outreach to the community through schools and universities.

Target Audience

APL staff, selected high schools, vocational training schools and universities in Vietnam.

Training Scope and Content

Initially, ICRS provided awareness raising training to APL staff from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) . ICRS then prepared selected staff from APL for the joint road safety training in selected schools and universities. Finally, and in collaboration with the Department of Education, the training were delivered to the selected high schools, vocational training schools and universities in HCMC.

While the training covered various aspects relating to road safety, emphasis was placed on topics relating to pedestrian safety, two-wheelers, helmet wearing, and risks of drink and drive - areas that were prioritized as most relevant to the local context.


As a result of these activities training was provided to 150 APL staff and 800 high school, vocational training and university students aged 15 - 23.


I would like to thank the Interdisciplinary Center for Road Safety for an excellent delivery of our annual CSR Programme in Vietnam for 2014.

ICRS has been able to accomplish an excellent combination of both working with our staff and increasing their knowledge on road safety, while at the same time getting them involved in finally delivering meaningful content to targeted schools and universities in HCMC. All this achieved in great coordination with ourselves and the HCMC Department of Education to ensure consistency in messaging and reach out to relevant schools and universities.

The assistance and guidance of ICRS is what enabled us to reach over 500 students. We wouldn't have be able to do it without you!

Abraham Y Elias - Regional Director SE Asia and Oceania - APL