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Your safety is our priority!

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Road Safety Awareness Raising Programmes Ages 5 to 15

Young children as well as teenagers often act on an impulse, when this happens when they walk the street, ride bicycle or play near traffic the results can be catastrophic. Early childhood development shows that children develop their cognitive, physical and conceptual understanding of location, environment, space, distance, side sight and speed at different stages (and ages). Older children are easily distracted by peer pressure, over confidence and at times the wish to show-off.

In order to minimize the dangerous of traffic and road related accidents among young children and youth groups, it is of high importance that they start learning at a young age to start identifying dangerous situations on the road, be able to read basic signs and signals and understand what they represent. While it is still imperative for adults to continue monitoring their child behavior when on the road, the training is complimentary to ensure their sensitization to risks, commence developing understanding and growing responsibility as pedestrians, passengers and bicycle riders.

Course Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Pupils will be able to identify basic and most commonly used road signs and signals
  • Pupils will learn the importance of using safety restraints and know how to correctly apply them
  • Identification of safe places when walking, riding or playing near traffic
  • Pupils will know how to correctly and safely cross the road

Who is the course suitable for?

Pupils ages 5-15*

* Adaptation of topics and methodologies are made to specific age groups.

Course Duration: 1/2 day

Topics to be covered:

– Introduction to the basic principles of road safety

– Understanding how to read road signals

– Helmet & seat belt wearing

– Speeding and its implications

– Safety in cross roads

– Differences in perception: visibility and speed issues