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Advance Defensive Driving Course

ICRS Advanced Defensive Driving Course was designed to enhance drivers' driving techniques and knowledge to better handle and control their vehicle through more hands-on training platforms.

This training is normally taken as a follow up to the ICRS Defensive Driving Course, focusing on the essentials of driving theory and proactive driving strategies imitating a range of driving scenarios and situations. You will learn skills that may save your life, but just as important, you will exercise and learn of situations that will change your attitude and approach to driving.

Theory and practice instruction on advanced braking, skidding, steering techniques, under steering and over steer and more!

Course Outcomes and Benefits
At the completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:
  • An awareness of how risk taking and motivation can affect your safety on the road
  • How to identify skidding, skid prevention techniques and control
  • How to identify different braking systems and how to use them effectively
  • How speed can effect stopping distances
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • How to apply advanced driving techniques

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for all drivers using all types of vehicles but emphasis will be given for professional drivers who face changing driving environments and conditions, and who wish to pursue higher training levels of driving. Among target groups are corporations and companies / government / diplomatic corps / mining & gas companies / public groups / professional drivers / individuals.

Duration: 2 days

Course outlines includes:

  • Speeding effects on car maneuvers
  • Weight transfer and suspension performance
  • Advanced braking techniques and corner breaking
  • Cornering techniques and driving vision
  • Advanced steering techniques identification and correction techniques
  • Split surface braking
  • Tire performance
  • ABS / ESP and other electronic driving aidsAdditional information:
  • Course participants will receive from ICRS:

Language: English with translation to local language

Additional information:

By the end of the training, participants will receive:

  • Course participation certificate by ICRS
  • Training materials
  • Driver safety kit